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Fjallraven Store:Summer Outdoors Hiking Guide

If you're planning for a perfect summer outdoor camping and hiking trip, these four key factors are essential when selecting your professional gear.

【Sun Protection】
During the scorching summer days, it's crucial to prioritize sun protection while enjoying outdoor activities.
Recommended item ✔: Fjallraven Women's Sun Shirt 08191244, available at Fjallraven Store.
Made with lightweight and quick-drying nylon fabric, this shirt offers elasticity and a loose fit that suits different body types.


Engaging in outdoor activities like hiking involves significant physical exertion and sweating, making it essential to choose breathable, sweat-wicking, and quick-drying apparel.
Recommended item ✔: Fjallraven Outdoor Trousers 02201224, available at Fjallraven Store.
Crafted with a blend of organic cotton and environmentally-friendly fibers, these lightweight and quick-drying pants feature foldable side pockets for easy storage during outdoor adventures.


A hat is a must-have accessory that provides protection against both harmful UV rays and unexpected light rain showers.
Recommended item ✔: Fjallraven Swedish Arctic Fox Fisherman's Hat 77277, available at Fjallraven Store.
Made with water-resistant G-1000 fabric, this hat can repel water droplets with a simple wipe using a tissue, ensuring your comfort and style even in unpredictable weather conditions.


【Lightweight】 For short hiking trips, a lightweight and durable backpack is essential, particularly for many female hikers who value minimal weight.
Recommended item ✔: Fjallraven Swedish Arctic Fox Kanken Rainbow Backpack 23620, available at Fjallraven Store.
Crafted with Vinylon F fabric, this backpack is lightweight and abrasion-resistant. It features vibrant rainbow color accents on the handles and shoulder straps, adding a touch of personality and style.

Taking a spontaneous outdoor adventure 🌿 allows you to experience the lightness of your body and the freedom of your mind. Simply focus on your steps and breath, and you'll discover the beauty of being present in the moment. Visit your nearest Fjallraven Store to explore more high-quality outdoor gear and embark on your unforgettable journey.