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Fjallraven Store:Outdoor Photoshoot Guide

These days, Dali has already entered autumn, and the temperature has gradually dropped. However, it couldn't deter my determination to go up the mountains and take some (pretentious) photos.

Location 🕹️: Dali Zhe Mo Mountain Wind Farm
Equipment 📸: Sony a7m3 + Sony FE 85mm lens
Outfit combination: Fjallraven Arctic Fox outdoor jacket + Fjallraven Arctic Fox Kanken backpack

Throughout the entire trip, I have to give a big shout-out to Fjallraven Arctic Fox. Due to the wind turbines at the mountain, the wind was particularly strong. Fortunately, I was wearing the Fjallraven Arctic Fox outdoor jacket. It's made with their unique G-1000 fabric, which provides wind and water resistance while keeping me warm. It's also durable and environmentally friendly, completely changing my perspective on jackets. Plus, the design is quite stylish, and the nylon drawstrings on the zippers add a nice touch. Moreover, the jacket has plenty of pockets, which I absolutely love!

The backpack I carried was also from Fjallraven Arctic Fox. Their backpacks are well-known, and they come with water-resistant properties. They offer a variety of colors, and I chose the timeless forest green, which gives a sense of sophistication. The backpack has a decent capacity, but I have a small suggestion: if they could improve the comfort of the shoulder straps, it would greatly enhance the overall comfort.

Overall, my experience with Fjallraven Arctic Fox products during this trip was fantastic. I highly recommend checking out the Fjallraven Store for those who are looking for reliable and stylish outdoor gear.